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Dishwasher Doesn’t Clean My Dishes

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Dishwasher Doesn’t Clean My Dishes

If your dishes are still dirty after fully completing the dishwashing cycle, first be sure you’re loading them correctly.

Other non-mechanical reasons for dishes not getting clean are also water temperature and water hardness. If your water is not hot enough it won’t get dishes clean. To test your water temperature, let the hot water run in the sink for a minute before starting the dishwasher. Using a thermometer, test the temperature of the water by filling a glass from the sink. The temperature should be in the range of 110 and 120 degrees. Set the temperature on your water heater if there’s a need. It’s also important to use the right amount of detergent for your water’s level of hardness.

Bad cleaning could also be the cause of a mechanical problem with your dishwasher. A broken water inlet valve won’t get enough water into the dishwasher tub to clean the dishes. Dishes will not get clean if the detergent dispenser doesn’t open.

Look over your spray arms for blockages, jams or breaks and clear clogs or replace broken spray arms that can stop dishes from getting clean. Some dishwashers use a diverter motor to determine the water supply to the upper spray arms. If just the dishes in the upper dishrack aren’t getting clean, you may need to switch out the diverter motor in that specific model of dishwasher.

Issues with the circulation pump can also make it hard for dishes to get clean. Clean the upper pump assembly and the sump area to get the best water flow from the spray arms. You may need to switch out the pump and motor assembly or pump motor if cleaning the pump doesn’t bring back water flow to the spray arms. If you would like a highly trained dishwasher service technician to assess the problem call (877) 660-0244.

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