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How To Fix Rust Spots On Dishrack

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How To Fix Rust Spots On Dishrack

Getting rid of those ugly rust spots on the rack in your dishwasher is a fast and simple fix. What you need to start is a dishwasher rack repair kit, sandpaper or a file to take off the rust, and some dishrags.

  1. Take out the dishrack and sand or take off all rust.

  2. Clean the dishrack from top to bottow with a wet washcloth and then dry it out.

  3. Put the dishrack on a safe surface in a place that’s ventilated well area.

  4. Put on vinyl touch-up paint to all the rusty areas. In addition to white, in the repair kit you can also choose in blue or gray.

  5. For rusted tine tips, put on a little amount of vinyl touch-up paint to the tops and put a plastic cover over each one.

  6. Remove excess vinyl paint that comes out of the bottom of the tine tip using a paper towel.

  7. Make sure the paint dries for at least 8 hours before placing the dishrack back in the dishwasher.

  8. Start an empty dishwashing cycle with detergent to remove any leftover paint.

Repairing rust spots on your dishracks makes them last longer and saves you the money and time of buying new dishracks.

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